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Jan 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
the portola. * but we are going to have barbara, let's see, barbara senich and jackie moray to come up on stage and accept the award on behalf of the portola. (applause) >> nice t-shirt. thank you very much. here is a model of the t-shirt. [laughter] (applause) >> it is the best neighborhood you never heard of. both barbara and i are lifelong members of the neighborhood. i'm still in the same house that i grew up in. and come and see the new four-barrel when we timely get it. we're the only neighborhood that doesn't have a coffee shop. what can i tell you? [laughter] (applause) >> as jackie said, you'll have to come out to the portola to see what's going on. and don't forget to notice our painted pillar there as you drive along 01 >> experiencing technical difficulty; please stand by >> here is the other linda to accept the award on behalf of the group. (applause) >> thank you. my name is linda light haiser and i work with help mclaren park. alioto-pier here to accept the award on behalf of the founders of the organization, the real movers and shakers who couldn't be here tonight, chu
Jan 30, 2013 11:00am EST
with news. >>> coming up, a huge week for temperature swings. we know it's been one of those, dr. jackie will be here to tell us how this wild weather could make us sick from head to toe. also, she became famous as a member of destiny's child, we're going to sit down with michelle williams and ask her about speculation about the super bowl. >>> and the officer from culpepper, learn his fate the moment it is revealed. that's at 4:00. keith. >> you got a lot coming our way. we'll see you then, pat. >> look at the weather changes tom is talking about. >> yeah, the wind is picking up in, it's been flapping in the wind there in the last hour. flash floods in effect. counties in green, covers the areas in green in maryland. thunder and lightning, and that the storm system now beginning to push into west virginia, about to move into the shenandoah valley in the next hour or so. into the metro area perhaps as early as 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. exiting the region, all the rain ends by midnight tonight down to low 60. then the 50s and low 30s by the weekend. stay tuned. >> thanks for joining us. that's "n
Jan 26, 2013 5:00pm EST
pennington do it. but then i knew jack pretty well. at the time when i knew jackie was not in the forefront of reporting and the civil-rights issue. he was basically finding out crooks in georgia, even at the top level of government and exposing in such a way that their degradation to the people of georgia were corrected. and that is what he did. he concentrated on those individual things. the people in georgia would no that if they had experience in their own community have someone that was cheating or violating basic principles of human rights, they could contact. they could not call their own state police or their own shares in the county. they could call jack nelson and he could take care of it from the top levels of the way down to the county commission level. he went to harvard, i think, on the. i believe this second year that i was in the state senate, and then he came back and put my last time in the state senate. from there he went on to the an employee at the of the l.a. times because they offered him 50% increase in salary. that was something that he could not turn down. he had a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)